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8 Week Online Coaching Program


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We all reach a point where we ask the question “is this as good as it gets?” Or “why doesn’t this life feel as good as it looks on paper?”

And, in my humble-life-coach-opinion, it’s one of the MOST exciting questions you could possibly be asking. Not because of how it feels NOW but because of how it WILL feel when you start to get curious about what it is you really want, how you want to be spending your time and energy, with whom you want to share this life....


Do you think you don’t have what you need to create the life you are craving... one that includes the things you most want?  Do you think it’s impossible? Perhaps you have never even made it past the wish to even consider whether or not it’s possible.

The truth is you have everything you need to create exactly what you want. You just don’t know it. You can’t see it because, although you may casually imagine a life you’d love more, you’ve never really gotten clear on what it is you want or what “ingredients” you’d need to feel that way in your life... because you have stopped yourself short at “that’s impossible.”

It may feel too big or too scary or too unrealistic. You may think, “I could never do that,” or “I could never be that.” It may feel vague or dreamy or far away. But I’m ready to challenge you... to guide you... to help you see what it is you really want, who it is you really want to be. To pull out of you all of the unique ingredients you already have within you, figure out how to put them together, and then to DO the things necessary to get you to START LIVING THE LIFE YOU SHOULD & COULD & WILL.


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Over the course of these 8 weeks together as a group, you will:


1) Get clear on who you’ve become and how that may differ from who you thought you’d be or how you thought you’d feel in your life

2) Become confident, once again, in who you are and how to follow the path you’re meant to follow.

3) Solidify a clear vision for yourself and learn how to create tangible steps to get you there over time.


With all of this in place, you will be able to begin taking immediate action in your life that will dramatically shift how you a group, you will get clear on who you’ve become and how that may differ from who you thought you’d be or how you thought you’d feel in your life. You will become confident, once again, in who you are and how to follow the path you’re meant to follow. You will solidify a clear vision for yourself and learn how to create tangible steps to get you there over time. And you will also begin to take immediate action in your life that will dramatically shift how you feel.

VALUE: $975



Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30pm (EST) - Live group Zoom calls

Welcome / What is your “WHY” / Body Compass & Feeling State

Who do you have to be? What do you have to do? / Questioning & Navigating Overwhelm

Revisit Body Compass & Feeling State / Ideal Day Visualization

Value-Energy Calibrator & Your Perfect {Life} Pie

The Happiness Pie Chart & Intentional (Essential Self) Activities

Turtle Steps to You 2.0

Meet Your Dragon / Slay Your Dragon / Thought Work

Revisit Turtle Steps / Know Your “WHY” / Wrap Up


>> FAQ’s <<

Q: What’s included in this program?

A: You will have access to 8 weekly group Zoom calls and a private Facebook group community. All calls will be recorded and shared with you, so you can keep them and review them whenever you want. You will also receive downloadable & printable materials that support the work we do in our sessions (and for homework!).

Q: What happens if I miss a call?

A: All calls will be recorded and I will share the links to those recordings via email as well as in our Facebook group so that you can watch/listen at your convenience. I will also post any to-do/action items that we may have covered on the call so that you’re all up to speed!

Q: What can I expect on our calls?

A: Although no two calls are ever the same (because no group is ever the same!), you can be sure that we will be diving into coaching tools that will help you rediscover and then redefine yourself and how you want your life to be. Some time will be spent learning about and discussing these techniques and some time will be spent with me coaching to group and/or individuals with specific inquiries. It’s an organic process that will bring you to a linear end point of having actionable ways to begin to create your best life.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All payments are non-refundable (fully or partially). When you pay for your spot in the program, you are making a commitment to yourself to follow through with this exciting change process. No backing out, no returning to that life that may seem “easier” but you know does not fulfill you or make you happy at your core. Sign up for your (next and best) self and SHOW UP for your (next and best) self. She/he/they will thank you.

Q: What is the group size?

A: In order to create a dynamic and supportive community and to allow for each person to receive coaching support from me, the program will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants.



I chose to work with Ellie after considering several coaches. Her intuitive style and immediate results made me continue working with her past the first session. With Ellie, I've discovered several techniques that are effective both in my business and personal life. I've been most surprised by Ellie's ability to identify patterns that I was unable to see on my own.

{Anne Parmer, Chief Operating Officer}

You gave me the inspiration and support I needed to stop doing what didn't serve me. You helped me see that it was possible to be both happy and be successful. You helped me reexamine what I thought was the right thing to do in order to achieve something better than I could have imagined.

Anyone who is looking to invest in themselves to improve their quality of life should work with you. People who are tired of status quo and are looking to make a change should work with you. People who have tried other [self-help approaches] and not been happy with the results should work with you.

I tell people all the time how much our time working together meant to me. I left every session feeling so positive and enthusiastic about what I could accomplish.

{Maggie Callan, Designer & Podcaster}

I'm sincerely grateful that we are working together. Honestly, I didn't know what a life coach did until we started working together. I've come to realize that a coach's role is to help support you, not direct you. Having a life coach is a priceless investment not only in myself, but also in my family, and community.

Our coaching sessions make me a better person, which impacts those I care about as well. You help me to sift through my issues with work, family, and self-care, and really come to a clearer understanding of what I value and am passionate about. I know that those values and feelings have always been there, but life's chaos often gets in the way. I see coaching as a way to gain clarity, focus, and insight into myself.

{Professor & Writer}

I was struggling in a dark place both at home with my family and in my work environment. My director suggested that I seek outside support to figure out how to move forward. I saw a notice about Ellie having some spots opening and decided to take a chance on her after reading other testimonials and having known her through other networks. Ellie sent me some prompts before meeting with me and, from that moment, I knew I had made the right decision both in seeking support and in choosing Ellie as a Life Coach. Ellie helped me to begin to wake up to things in my life that I'd been hiding from or creating illusions around. She helped me dig into and get underneath so much of what was actually creating difficulty in my life.

She helped me name both my fears and also identify my longing and vision for another way to be. I employ techniques that Ellis has shared with me EVERYDAY for big and small things and when I do, I can feel not only myself but the people around me open up to new ways, new ideas, new paths forward.

{Q.D., Small Business Owner}

Feeling unhappy about a particular situation for over 10 years, I knew I needed a change. Having Ellie as a Life Coach has made a great change in my life! She help me get a clear vision about what the problem was and what I needed to to to make the change. She worked with me on ideas to facilitate those changes.

Ellie's guidance and professionalism has been a tremendous help to me. I am no longer feeling stuck. I am happy, relaxed and an all around better person today.

{RW, Small Business Owner}



Program starts: DATES TBD

VALUE: $975