When people ask me what I do, I say that I'm a Gold Miner. I usually get a raised eyebrow or a confused look, to which I respond, "I help people learn how to sift through the murky waters of life situations to find the gold they're seeking; and then I help them determine which is the real gold instead of the Fool's gold." In other words, I'm a Coach. 

My clients come to me when they're feeling unhappy, blocked, or discontent with any number of aspects of their life {work, family, creative endeavors, relationships, and personal wellness} AND they wish to see change. Often they can't pinpoint the exact thing that's causing the struggle or, if they can, they have many stories about why doing something differently isn't possible. 

So, we jump in together. We explore what you're telling yourself about your circumstances or the people in your life,  we create a mental environment in which you can newly envision how you want to be feeling in your life and, from there, develop actual, tangible steps to help get you there. This is a process of using specific coaching tools to help you shift your perspective, open up to new possibilities, and make desired changes in your life. It requires intentionality and commitment to yourself.

Coaching is done in person (for those local to Richmond, VA) or via phone/video call.

For schedule, rates or to schedule a free 20 minute call to see if we'd be a good fit, email ellie@ellieburke.life

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, M.Ed., ERYT500