Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, M.Ed., ERYT-500

For as long as I can remember, I have always viewed my life experiences as opportunities for learning and growing. Having been through my fair share of difficult life circumstances, internal turmoil, as well as incredibly rich and beautiful life experiences, I have always sought out answers to the big life questions. Drawn to philosophy, exploring the edges of life, and understanding suffering I started exploring the physical practice of yoga in my early 20's followed by a many-year immersion into the inner work of both yoga and meditation. After teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years, the path of coaching unfolded as a necessary and obvious next step in supporting people in finding their way to happier, more meaningful and connected lives.

I thrive on connecting with people, seeing and hearing what challenges them, and helping to facilitate their process of understanding what is keeping them from experiencing what they want most in life.