Trusting the Unfolding

How I evolve in my own life can only ripple out into how I show up in the world. This particular segment of my own journey begins with the changes and growth in my yoga practice and ends (for now!) in my pursuit to help people learn how to live in greater alignment with who they authentically are and how they wish to show up in their lives.


I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 15. In that time, I’ve gone from the curiosity and intrigue of learning about my body and my breath through yoga asana and pranayama, through excitement and allure of “advancing” through challenging postures, to the much deeper and more subtle inner work of the practice. This last part, in particular, has been greatly supported by my meditation practice which has brought about a much greater understanding of the Truth of inner stability and peace and has also shifted my understanding about the nature of true and lasting transformation.


As my understanding unfolded, I began practicing and teaching in a very different way than I had been. And, in all honesty, I began getting incredibly frustrated with the direction of the “yoga world” and it’s overemphasis and infatuation with the outer “form” of the poses. I realized that the frustration I was pointing outwardly was actually a call to myself to teach in a way that more truly aligned with what I knew to be true. And, so I did.


And yet again, I find myself wishing for something more: to provide a greater depth of experience for my students, to take them beyond the physical postures and form to the deeper inner work of the practice, to help guide them to meaningful and lasting shifts in their lives. 


I’ve been feeling this pull for a while but it wasn’t until recently when things got shaken up a bit (upon learning that the building that houses my office and studio space is going to be sold) that I, again, saw that this was clearly an opportunity for me to make that change. So, here it goes... trusting the unfolding...


Starting in June, I will consolidate my teaching down to one weekly group class. This will be enrollment only - so if you're interested in joining me, please contact directly at ellie(at) Beyond this one weekly yoga class, I plan to offer more opportunities for deeper work through workshops, retreats, and group programs, in person and online, that combine yoga, meditation and coaching. These will all be aimed at supporting you in your yoga practice (wherever you are doing it), exploring the elements of a physically safe and supportive practice, as well as teaching you how to “do” the yoga inside of the yoga practice so that you can integrate your practice into life more fully - as it was always intended.


It is my deepest hope that you will join me on this new adventure! As the great saying goes, the only thing constant in life is change. And, as I’ve experienced time and time again, the more we remain open to and accepting of change, the greater our potential to grow.