Who Do You Think You Are?

Seriously, I'm asking... Who. Do. You. Think. You. Are?? How do you define yourself? 

Life Coaching, from the perspective of Martha Beck, stems from a simple equation:

do more of what aligns with your essential self
+ do less of what aligns with your social self
= the life you love

Although the equation sounds simple, the process can be quite challenging. Namely, because we have various roles that we play, identities that we embody, and hats that we wear (our social self) that keep us quite confined and quite limited. Quite literally, as Oscar Wilde said, "to define is to limit." By creating a definition of who we should/shouldn't be, who we can/cannot be (and abiding by said definitions), we actually limit the possibility of who and what we can become.

So, let me ask you again: Who do you think you are? And can you begin to push the envelope on the defined limits of those roles and identities. It'll be totally uncomfortable at first. And, I guarantee that you'll get push back (mainly from the folks who live and die by their defined roles). But the more you do it, the more you question who you are and what you want, how you want to FEEL in your life (daily, weekly, annually), the more you will start to choose the things that actually support that.